How and When to See the Opportunity by Peter Paros Surbakti

Ca va?

This is my second article published on the internet. For you who don’t know about the first, go check it at . It’s about tips to learn new languages.

Actually I’m now in campus waiting for someone at 15:30, writing on my phone and a cutie pie is sending me a couple of close-up pictures. She said she would not do that to me. Hahah…it’s a different story. 

The good news is that it is my first article written in English. From now on, most of my articles will be written in English and all based on my experiences that I think I’ve got something to learn from. Not only you can get the point of my stories, but also you can learn English in advanced. I’m going to share with you…. 🙂 This is by no means of showing up but just a few ideas.

First, let me tell you about the daily situation in my classroom. And for those who don’t know, I’m studying LAW at Sriwijaya University. In my faculty, Every student has a card that we use as the proof of our attendance. So, students who sit in some certain places in classroom will collect all cards and put them on the lacture’s table. There are about 80 students, so you can imagine how busy and how much time they spend just signing our cards. But it’s not really a big deal for us. What makes it annoying almost everyday is that some of lactures simply leave our cards on the table after they are finished, which means a lot of students go grabbing their each card without making a line.

So, here’s the story started..Few days ago, the first class in the morning, I was late. Yeah my habit haha.. but I have been more discipline lately. I was coming inside and trying to find a free seat. But I found nothing except one in the corner. So I just sat down right there. And a girl was sitting next to me. I had no idea about her but she did know me. A couple of minutes passed, we finally talked.

Now we’re finished. As I said, the lacture simply left our cards. The girl and I went up to the front to get our cards. OMG, It was like thousands of people in a market, so much noise as well. We were standing near the crowds waiting more and more people get out of the class so we could have a space to get our cards.

Finally, there was a free space. And then I said to the girl, “hey, free space, go grap our card…”
And she said, “no Peter.. too many people, I don’t wanna stand in there ”
And I was like, “come on… free space.. ”
Again she was like, ” You go Pete, I don’t wanna stand in the crowd ”

So I went up and simply leaned in and used my hand through the space. I easily got my card..

And right on that time, I rialized that there’s two kind of people in this world. One is, there are people who see the thing they want. The other one is, there are people who see the thing that’s preventing them in getting the thing they want.

This is the point, we are allowed to take a shortcut to get the thing we want. What we’re not allowed to do is push someone else out of the way and deny them in getting the thing they want. Because I didn’t disturbe anyone, I didn’t put myself and push anyone out of my way. I didn’t deny them. What I did is I sucrificed a choice. I didn’t even get to choose what I wanted.

One of the things that we should know, is to understand How and when to see the opportunity. Because opportunity doesn’t come two times in one moment.

And this is the most important point that I really want you to know!!!
Stay fixed on the things you want, go after them. Use any means necessarily to get the things you want but remember Do not deny anybody else from getting the things they want.

Peter Paros Surbakti

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